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Year 2006:  GEESUN  company was established and initiated the semi-automatic lithium battery manufacturing solution;
making out semi-automatic Tab welding machine and  semi-automatic winding machine;
Year 2007 Geesun initially worked out the integrated solution for auto winder in China and successfully applied in the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery;
The prismatic  automatic winding machine project won the support of technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China;
Year 2008 Passed ISO-9001:2000 quality management system certification (upgraded to ISO-9001:2008 version in 2011upgraded to ISO-9006:2015 version in 2019);        Completed the research and development of power battery  cell core assembling  system, made great breakthroughs in rolling die cutting, laser die cutting, multi-style stacking, laser cutting & winding and other special equipment for power battery, and successfully applied in domestic major power battery manufacturers and exported abroad;
The  prismatic automatic winding project has passed the appraisal of national scientific and technological achievements, and reached the international advanced and domestic leading level in winding tension control, cell deformation and other aspects;
The company moved to a new plant, the area increased to 10,000 square meters;
Year 2009: Obtained the international standard product mark certificate issued by China national standardization administration;
To be recognized as a national high-tech enterprise;
Year 2010:    Geesun  becomes Shenzhen lithium-ion battery core assembling  equipment engineering laboratory;
The lithium-ion battery automatic production line project was supported by the special fund of the China national development and reform commission;
Obtained the certificate of marked good behavior (AAAA level) issued by the national standardization administration of China;
Respond to customer needs, successfully promote and widely apply system integration production line technology;
Suzhou GEESUN Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established to become the market development, manufacturing and customer service center in the Yangtze river delta region;
Energy-saving lithium-ion battery testing equipment invested in research and development;
Year 2011: Suzhou GEESUN won the honorary title of 2010 innovation team;
The company won the eighth "Shenzhen famous brand" honorary title;
The company has been identified as "Baoan district hundred independent autonomously innovative  technology enterprises";
The company's "Prismatic lithium-ion battery automatic winding machine" won the  prize of 2010 national energy administration science and technology progress third-class Award;
Year 2012: New product release of energy-saving power battery testing equipment;
Suzhou GEESUN lithium-ion battery automatic production equipment manufacturing base lays the foundation in Kunshan high-tech industrial development zone;
Prismatic  automatic Tab forming & winding all-in-one machine new product released;
Year 2013: New product release of high speed continuous welding machine;
New product release of bluetooth automatic winding machine;
The high-speed stacking machine won the "excellent product award certificate" of the 15th China international high-tech fair.& Shenzhen Baoan district people's government science and technology progress Award;
Year 2014: Z shape high-speed stacker  was  researched and developed;
New product release of electrodes laser powder cleaning machine;
Won the title of "excellent supplier" of Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd;
Laser cutting technology is widely used in power battery  cell manufacturing;
Year 2015:  "Patent Award 2013" issued by Baoan district people's government;
Cylindrical automatic Tab forming & winding all-in-one machine and prismatic automatic winding all-in-one machine are recognized by customers and widely used in the market;
The registered capital of the company increased to 24.81 million yuan, and the  plant  area increased to 20,000. square meters;
Year 2016: Awarded "patent award 2014" by Baoan district people's government;
Obtain big orders of VDA power battery production line, and provide complete solutions for large-scale manufacturing of power battery;
GEESUN  was permitted  as the Standard revision working group for lithium-ion battery manufacturing  (no. SAC/TC412/Wg1);
Year 2017: GEESUN won the prizes of"Excellent supplier" & "sincerely co-operation" from GUOXUAN Hi-Tech Co.Ltd;
Won the award of "best lithium summit", "BBS lithium storm" and "enterprise award of industry contribution in the past 20 years";
The company's registered capital increased to 46.3 million yuan, and it was renamed as "shenzhen GEESUN Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.";
GEESUN's "research and development project of high-speed and high-precision dual-station laser Tab forming equipment for lithium-ion power battery" was funded by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission with 5 million yuan;
The project of GEESUN science and technology plan has passed the acceptance of  Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission;
Year 2018: GEESUN was selected to be the Director Unit of China Automobile Power Battery Innovation Alliance engineering equipment Sub-Branch;
GEESUN  moved to the new plant, the area increased to 30,000 square meters;
Minister Miao Wei of the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People's Republic of China led the department of equipment industry director Li dong, the department of electronic information director Diao shijing and other leaders, and the deputy mayor of Shenzhen city Ai xuefeng and other municipal leaders to visit GEESUN to inspect the research work;
Multiple  Tab prismatic  automatic winding machine has been developed successfully;
Second generation thermal composite   stacking machine, high-speed automatic winding machine research and development, and mass production;
Pouch cell  assembly line new product release;
Year 2019: Tab welding adhesive machine (Mini cell), bluetooth automatic winding machine, high-speed laser Tab molding machine mass production;
New product release of high speed Z word cutting and stacking machine;
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