About Us

Shenzhen Geesun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of equipment and automatic production line for lithium-ion battery and super capacitor, providing our customers both at home and abroad with whole set of solutions and related equipments for new energy equip; We emphasize on  practicality, reliability, economy, technical advancement in our products and put practicality in the first place; It is our unremitting pursuit to enable our customers to make their products with high quality, high efficiency, low cost and green technology.
As a national high-tech enterprise, Geesun Intelligent founded Suzhou Geesun Automation Technology Co.,Ltd. in Kunshan High-tech Industrial Park  in 2010, which became the marketing, producing and service center in Yangtz River Delta area;. After 12 years' development, Geesun Intelligent has got a series of rapid and significant achievement. Up to now, Geesun Intelligent possesses 318 items of inventive patents & utility model patents, 25 items of PCT patents, 35 items of software copyrights.   GEESUN Intelligent leads and participates in drawing 7 items of national standards; 3 items of local standards and 2 items of industrial standards. Some specific technology such as  Lithium-ion battery winding ,stacking, laser cutting & winding, drying filling ,intelligent formation and partial volume testing system has been in the top of international.  With headquarter and R & D center in Shenzhen, the marketing and service network covers South China, East China, North China, and Central China; the overseas market expands to USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, Africa, South east Asia and around the world.
Shenzhen GEESUN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is aiming at providing the reliable equipment for manufacturing. Our Basic aimed products are completely solutions for manufacturing lithium-ion battery and super capacitor. The whole solution for manufacturing lithium-ion   battery and super capacitor is to solve the quality, safety, consistency, efficiency and other problems, to create values for our customers.
GEESUN INTELLIGENT has 4 kinds of products: Energy assembly battery manufacturing equipment; normal lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment; power lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment; lithium-ion energy saving battery manufacturing equipment.  Details as: auto winder for lithium ion battery;  tab welder and taping equipment; lithium-ion battery electrode laser cutting equipment; lithium-ion battery auto stacker, laser model cutting equipment; jerry manufacturing system; core assembly manufacturing equipment; laser cutting and winding AIO equipment; lithium-ion battery fully auto filling system; energy feedback intelligent forming and partial volume testing equipment etc. our company provide solutions for: combined auto winding; laser cutting and winding; model cutting and stacking;  Jerry manufacturing system; auto filling; intelligent forming and partial volume testing etc, including all the related intelligent equipment for winding technology and stacking technology.
Our Team:
 An elite team consists of senior managing experts, technology experts, professional managers and engineers from lithium- ion battery manufacturing industry, automobile, capacitor, electrical and electronic manufacturing field. They have experienced 23 years in R&D & manufacturing of industrial automation equipment, 12 years in R&D and manufacturing of lithium ion battery equipment ; 11 years in manufacturing  of lithium ion battery etc.
Technology advantages:
We understand more about their  products manufacturing than our customers, provide the most excellent manufacturing solutions, provide overvalue pro and after sales services, possess core AIO technology from light ,machine and electrical industries; mechanism and  
Mechanical design Technology; intelligent controlling technology; integrated system technology; laser/welding/sensor; combined multi industrial manufacturing technology.
Our Vision
“To become the pioneers who create the human better life with our machines” is our good vision, GEESUN staff will use creative and striving spirits, and create advanced core technology, make our company to be one of the leading enterprises for automation equipment,  to be the booster of “MADE IN CHINA”’; to be the innovator of new energy economy and intelligent services, and build a high efficiency industry managing system, based on the people oriented and solidarity co-operation, to realize the win-win situation of buyers, staff, shareholders, suppliers, industry and society.

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