Auto winder for large prismatic battery

Mainly used for winding for prismatic power & energy storage battery . With winding for multi-tabs and whole-tabs.


performance feature 
1.It can realize auto upload & download feeding material for electrode and separator , auto winding & sticking end tape .
2.Adopting triple switch work stations: station 1 for insert pin & wind; station 2 for cutting separator , ending, taping; station 3 for drawing back needle and download feeding material .
3.Electrode position detect and initially correct functions are provided before winding;
4.Variable speed and variable tension controls functions are provided;
5.Detection function for feeding material which been marked anode and cathode electrodes; Failed ones will be winded separately and then removedautomatically;
6.With special brushes and vacuum cleaner installed in the cutting place to remove powder and dust;
7.Direct drive winding head and faster response; Multi-tabs winding and folding detection function;
8. Speed of winding is 800-1500mm/s
optional functions 
FFU air circulation purification technology;
Automatic function for roll changing/connecting strip;
Short circuit test function;

specification parameters



Cell spec       

thickness (mm)

8-30 mm



model of compatible battery2614891/27173200/54173200

width (mm)

100-200 mm

Length (including tab)

80-230 mm

Tech parameters 

alignment (mm)

±0.5 mmtotal)

efficiency (ppm)

6PPM (measure as 5m TAB)

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