Auto Winder for Cylindrical battery

Short circuit test and self-discharge module Winding head assembly

¡ñ Application 
Mainly used for winding for digital/ power cylindrical battery.

¡ñ Exhibition

¡ñ Function Features 
1.It can realize auto upload & download feeding material for electrode and separator , auto winding and sticking end tape
2.Adopting triple switch work stations: station 1 for insert pin & wind; station 2 for cutting separator , ending, taping; station 3 for drawing back needle and download feeding material .
3.Electrode position detecting and initially correcting functions are provided before winding;
4.Variable speed and variable tension controls functions are provided;
5.Detection function for feeding material which been marked anode and cathode electrodes; Failed ones will be winded separately and then removed automatically;
6.With special brushes and vacuum cleaner installed in the cutting place to remove powder and dust;
7.With diameter measurement and conicity forming functions,
8.With short circuit test function and extend holes automatically.

¡ñ Specification parameters



cell specifications    

Diameter £¨mm)

Φ18~26 mm


model of compatible battery£º18650/21700/26650

Length £¨mm£©

40~80 mm

Technical Parameters


±0.3 mm£¨Total)



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